How to get in ?

Iðunn Apartments are self check-in apartments. A week or so before your arrival we will send you an email containing information on how to get into the building and information on how you get your keys to the apartment.

Do you offer early check-in ?

Generally no. If the apartment is free the night before and is clean, then you are welcome to check in early. We send out an automated email to all our guests as soon as the apartment has been cleaned and is ready for check-in.

Arriving late ?

That is no problem, we are a self check apartment building so you can come as late as you want. If you are arriving late then please respect your surroundings and try to keep the noise levels to a minimum.

What is included in your stay ?

Bed linen, towels, toilet paper, shower gel, hair dryer, coffee & tea to name a few.

Are there cooking facilities in the apartment?

All our apartments have a fully equipped kitchen with a dishwasher, oven, fridge, coffee machine, kettle, coffee and tea & kitchen utensils.

Is there free parking on premises ?

Unfortunately not. Since the apartments are located on the main street there is no dedicated parking. In downtown Reykjavik there is a Pay & Display system.
There are different zones with different prices.
Look for the sign on the left to find a payment machine.
Here is a map that displays the Pay & Display zones in Reykjavik
Click on the image to access the map

You want to explore Iceland ? We can help.

You can send us an email if you need any help with booking your tours, we have partnered up with Travelade to help you get the most out of your stay.
Have a look at our guide here

Do you offer free internet ?

Yes we do, there is free internet in the whole building and we will send the wifi codes in the same email as you key codes a few days prior to your arrival.

Where can I get Icelandic Krona

We do not recommend buying Icelandic currency in your home country, you might get a very bad exchange rate since the Icelandic Krona is such a small currency.  There are banks and cash machines at the airport and all over the city and they are in service 24/7. You can also use credit cards almost everywhere in Iceland with no minimum charge.

Is it safe to drink the tap water ?

In short: YES. Not only is it safe, but the water is excellent! So please don’t buy bottled water.
95% of all water in Iceland comes from springs in the ground, so it never comes in touch with any pollution. Unlike in many neighbouring countries, the Icelandic water is free of chlorine, calcium, and nitrate. The quality of tap water in Reykjavík is well monitored, so you are not to worry!

Duty free & alcohol in Iceland

Alcohol is very expensive in Iceland and you can only buy it at state run stores called Vínbúðin. The DutyFree at the airport is a lot cheaper. Strong liquor is A LOT cheaper while wine and beer are also quite a bit cheaper. We recommend buying some before picking up your bag.
P.S. Do not be fooled by the “beer” you see at local supermarkets. Those are light beers with only about 2% level of alcohol.

Left something behind ?

Contact us so we can check for the lost item and get it back to you.